Cecil b Demented

Cecil B. Demented (2000)  Video

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Cecil B. Demented (2000)

Cecil B. Demented (2000)
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | PAL, 16:9 (720x576) VBR | 01:24:21 | 4.31 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: Swedish
Genre: Black Comedy, Media Satire

Iconoclastic satirist John Waters bites the hand that (periodically) feeds him in this humorous look at the underside of the film industry. Self-styled guerrilla filmmaker Cecil (Stephen Dorff) leads a Baltimore movie-making collective/street gang called the Sprocket Holes, which includes Cecil's girlfriend and frequent leading lady, a low-rent porn actress named Cherish Oh Lordy (Alicia Witt). Desperate for attention, they kidnap famous Hollywood actress Honey Whitlock (Melanie Griffith) during a Baltimore publicity stop and force her at gunpoint to star in their latest production, Raving Beauty. Before long, Honey comes down with a severe case of Stockholm syndrome and joins the Sprocket Holes in their bid to destroy the mainstream film industry. Waters regulars Ricki Lake, Patty Hearst, and Mink Stole highlight the supporting cast, and techno star Moby contributes to the soundtrack.

Cecil B. Demented (2000)  Video

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Cecil B. Demented (2000)

Cecil B. Demented (2000)
DVDRip | AVI | Audio: English + Russian | XVID | 640x352 | 1660 Kbps | Run time: ~86 min | 1.36 GB
English: 48 kHz | Dolby AC3, 6ch | 448 Kbps | Russian: 48 kHz | Dolby AC3, stereo | 192 Kbps
Art-House, Comedy, Crime, Thriller

An insane independent film director and his renegade group of teenage filmmakers kidnap an A-list Hollywood actress and force her to star in their underground film.

Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood by Robert S. Birchard  eBooks & eLearning

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Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood by Robert S. Birchard

Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood by Robert S. Birchard
English | 29 Jun. 2004 | ISBN: 0813123240 | 496 Pages | PDF | 20 MB

" ""Far and away the best film book published so far this year.""–National Board of Review Cecil B. DeMille was the most successful filmmaker in early Hollywood history. Cecil B.

Written in Stone: Making Cecil B. DeMille's Epic The Ten Commandments  eBooks & eLearning

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Written in Stone: Making Cecil B. DeMille's Epic The Ten Commandments

Written in Stone: Making Cecil B. DeMille's Epic The Ten Commandments by Katherine Orrison
1999 | ISBN: 187951124X | English | 256 pages | PDF + EPUB | 12 + 7 MB
Cecil B. DeMille: The Squaw Man (1914) + The Squaw Man (1931) [ReUp]

Double Feature: The Squaw Man (1931)
1914 Version and 1931 Version
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 4:3 | 01:13:35 + 01:46:29 | 7,53 Gb
1914: Score and 1931: English - AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subtitles: None
Genre: Action, Romance, Western

Cecil B. DeMille’s The Squaw Man is a first and a last. The 1914 version is widely regarded as the first feature film made in Hollywood. And DeMille makes the final film under his MGM contract with a 1931 Talkie of the oft-told tale (DeMille lensed a second silent version in 1918) about a British outcast in the West, his Native American bride and events that shatter their happiness. The films vary greatly. The first is packed with events – a horse race, a brawl with a Scotland Yarder, a shipboard fire, a night in New York – that foreshadow DeMille’s ambitious narrative reach. The second hones in on the tender and ultimately heartbreaking familial relationship. Same story. Same filmmaker. A rare chance to experience them in different ways.

Cecil B. Demente (DVDrip) VF  Video

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Cecil B. Demente (DVDrip) VF

Cecil B. Demente
DVD-Rip | XVID 542 x 288 | 25 fps | MP3 192 kps | ~ 698 Mb | French

Kidnappée par un réalisateur fêlé et son équipe de terroristes du cinéma, une capricieuse star d'hollywood est contrainte de tourner un film underground.

Very Crudely Yours: The John Waters Collection (1972-2005) [Re-UP]  Video

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Very Crudely Yours: The John Waters Collection (1972-2005) [Re-UP]

Very Crudely Yours: The John Waters Collection (1972-2005)
6xDVD5 + 2xDVD9 | ISO+MDS | NTSC 16:9 / 4:3 | Total: ~700 mins | Total: 41,39 Gb
Audio: English AC3 5.1/2.0 @ 448/192 Kbps (see below) | Subs: English | Artwork -> 100 Mb
Genre: Art-house, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Fantasy

The only thing better than one John Waters movie for a solid evening of trashy entertainment is seven, and thanks to the folks at New Line Home Video, Waters fans can now enjoy a gleefully offensive, career-spanning collection of his most memorable films in this set that's sure to give the neuters nightmares! All seven films, including Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Desperate Living, Polyester, Hairspray, Pecker, and A Dirty Shame, are presented in their original aspect ratios in addition to featuring outrageously entertaining commentary by the director (other bonus materials vary from disc to disc), with a bonus disc offering a variety of audio and video clips detailing Waters' life from childhood to his current status as the Sultan of Sleaze!

Demented - Across The Nature's Stillness (2013)  

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Demented - Across The Nature's Stillness (2013)

Demented - Across The Nature's Stillness (2013)
France | Mp3 320 Kbps | 103 MB
Death Metal

We are proud to present death metal five-piece Demented‘s sophomore record Across The Nature’s Stillness! Demented are a promising band to watch out for in the already highly impressive French metal scene, featuring infectious grooving brutality and technical musicianship that fans of Decapitated, Gojira, Cryptopsy, and perhaps even Fleshgod Apocalypse (sans symphonic elements) should find highly desirable. This is our kind of death metal, which is why we didn’t hesitate at all when approached concerning an exclusive premiere. Across The Nature’s Stillness is due out February 22nd on Klonosphere Records
Demented Are Go - Welcome Back To Insanity Hall (2012) [Limited Edition with 2 Bonus Tracks]

Demented Are Go - Welcome Back To Insanity Hall (2012) [LE with 2 Bonus Tracks]
EAC | FLAC-Tracks+CUE+LOG > 371 MB | Complete Artwork | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps > 128 MB
Genre: Psychobilly | Running time > 45:35 min | Label: People Like You Records # 468248-8

The newest album from the Welsh Psychobilly band. The band that inflicted their twisted version of Rock & Roll on the world for 3 decades now, building up a loyal following of Psychobillies, Punks, Goths, Geeks and Freaks who just can't get enough of DAG's sound…

Polyester (1981) [The Criterion Collection LaserDisc #210] [ReUp]  Video

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Polyester (1981) [The Criterion Collection LaserDisc #210] [ReUp]

Polyester (1981)
A Film by John Waters
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 4:3 | 86 mins | 4,27 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps + Commentary tracks (see below)
Genre: Art-house, Comedy | The Criterion Collection LaserDisc #210

After making a name for himself with such underground gross-out epics as Pink Flamingos and Desperate Living, director John Waters made a bid for somewhat wider acceptance with this black comedy, which is sedate only by the standards of his previous work. Francine Fishpaw (Divine) is a housewife whose life has become a living hell. Her husband Elmer (David Samson) runs a porno theater (currently showing the classic My Burning Bush) and is having an affair with secretary Sandra (Mink Stole), a vision of sleaze in Bo Derek-style cornrow braids who informs Elmer, "Children would only get in the way of our erotic lifestyle!" Francine has two teenage children, Dexter (Ken King), who likes to sniff glue and stomp on women's feet, and Lulu (Mary Garlington), a brazen slut who hangs out with overage juvenile delinquent Bobo (Stiv Bators) and gleefully anticipates her next abortion.