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Portugalia Airlines started operations in 1990. Scheduled service to various domestic and international destinations was started in 1992. Flights are operated with its fleet of Fokker 100's. In May 1997 PGA takes delivery of its first Embraer 145 Regional Jet.
The Barcelona route featured in this program was inaugurated in March of 1997, service to Bologna was started in March of 2000 ; other routes included on the dvd are Toulouse to Lisbon, Bologna to Porto and Porto to Lisbon.
The program also features a roundtrip flight from Lisbon to La Coruna on board of a Portugalia Express Beech 1900D.
On the dvd you will find various sections that present and explain the cockpits and take you around the aircraft for an external walkaround ; also included are some cabin scenes.

Just Planes - MNG Airlines  Video

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Just Planes - MNG Airlines

Just Planes - MNG Airlines
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MNG Airlines started cargo operations in 1997 with a fleet of Airbus A300 Freighters which serve destinations around the world. MNG also operates on behalf of many other airlines. The airline added passenger services which are operated with Airbus A300s and Boeing 737s.
On this program we follow an Airbus A300 Freighter on a roundtrip flight to Asia with landings at Karachi, Pakistan ; we then go on an European route with stops in London and Holland where we pick up horses.
We complete the program with a trio of flights on the passenger Boeing 737-400 into Belgium, Germany and Dalaman Turkey. Also included on the dvd are a presentation of MNG maintenance and a tour of Istanbul.

Just Planes - Gandalf Airlines  Video

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Just Planes - Gandalf Airlines

Just Planes - Gandalf Airlines
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Gandalf Airlines started operations in 1999. From its main base, at Milan's Orio al Serio Airport located in Bergamo, the airline operates flights on business routes within Italy and to European destinations. Gandalf operates secondary hubs at Pisa and Trieste plus charter flights to a variety of holiday destinations. Gandalf's fleet is composed of 11 Fairchild-Dornier 328s including 4 Do328-100 turboprop aircraft & 7 Do328-300 jet aircraft.
This program takes you from Bergamo to Berlin on the jet and all around Italy on the turboprop aircraft and features flights to several airports with limited service such as Pantalleria, Parma and Trapani. Included is a presentation of the modern cockpit of the Dornier 328 and much more…..

Just Planes - DAALLO AIRLINES  Video

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Daallo becomes the 184th airline to join the World Air Routes series. This is the first time we're flying the
Ilyushin 18 and first time we feature the Antonov 24 on dvd. After a company presentation you depart Djibouti International Airport for Dubai on the B737-200. That is followed by 4 flights on the IL-18 as well as 2 flights on the AN-24 to 3 destinations in Somalia, the first time our series lands in this country.
The program is a very unique opportunity to discover the cockpit operation of these 2 Russian aircraft, you will also have a look at the cabin and service on all 3 types.
The dvd has a lot of very interesting scenery from an area of the world that does not have abundant airline service and as a result, the airports you will visit make this a rare opportunity to include Djibouti as well as 3 airports in Somalia in your World Air Routes collection.


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Buddha Air started operation with just one brand new Beech 1900D in October 1997. Today the airline operates 4 brand new Beech 1900Ds. Buddha Air operates mountain flights from Kathmandu to the Langtang range. This flight usually lasts for about an hour.
Yeti Airlines is one of the best newest domestic airlines in the Kingdom of Nepal. The airline commenced commercial flight operation on 21 September 1998. The company has come up with a broad objective of meeting domestic air transportation needs of domestic and foreign tourist passengers. The airline took delivery of its first Embraer 120 on October 9th 2000 and uses it mostly for mountain flights.

Just Planes - ALASKA AIRLINES  Video

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In 2007 Alaska Airlines celebrates its 75th anniversary and the retirement of the B737-200 which has had more than 25 years of successful service in the company..
During more than 4 hours you will discover what the Boeing 737-200 has done for travel in the state of Alaska as you climb on board in the cockpit for a series of flights from Anchorage to Bethel, Dillingham, King Salmon, the remove island of Adak and a special charter to Red Dog Mine.

You will follow the pilots at work as they prepare and operate the aircraft. They give you continuous briefings about the flights, their duties and some very interesting stories they've experienced in addition to the regular cockpit presentation, aircraft walkaround etc….

A bonus DVD "The Spirit of the 737-200" is included in this package at no additional charge! This documentary focuses on the people who have made Alaska Airlines and the 737-200 a success. You will meet and hear about their work ending with the final farewell flight of the dash 200 with a scenic tour over Mt McKinley.

Just Planes - Boeing 777-200 - United Airlines  Video

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Just Planes - Boeing 777-200 - United Airlines

Just Planes - Boeing 777-200 - United Airlines
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United Airlines carries more than 87 million passengers a year on 2300 daily flights with more than 600 aircraft. United was the launch customer for the Boeing 777 on 15 Oct 1990 and became the first airline in the world to introduce the 777 into commercial service on 7 Jun 1995 from Washington Dulles to London Heathrow.
United's Director of Flight Operations Control, Captain Eldridge, gives you a very in-depth look at the operation of the Boeing 777 between two of the largest and busiestInternational airports in the world.
In detail you will see how the pilots prepare the flight before and after boarding the aircraft and find out how the state of the art cockpit works. Witness the takeoffs, landings, many nice views from the cockpit and much more….

Airlines of the Jet Age: A History  eBooks & eLearning

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Airlines of the Jet Age: A History

R.E.G. Davies, "Airlines of the Jet Age: A History"
ISBN: 0978846087 | 2011 | EPUB | 464 pages | 99 MB

Airlines Worldwide: More Than 300 Airlines Described and Illustrated in Color (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

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Airlines Worldwide: More Than 300 Airlines Described and Illustrated in Color (Repost)

B. I. Hengi - Airlines Worldwide: More Than 300 Airlines Described and Illustrated in Color
Midland Publishing | 1997 | ISBN: 1857800672 | English | 324 pages | PDF | 29.86 MB

History Channel - Ghost Planes (2014)  Video

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History Channel - Ghost Planes (2014)

History Channel - Ghost Planes (2014)
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Genre: Documentary

At the time of this writing, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, transporting 227 passengers and 12 crew members from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, has been missing for months. An unprecedented international search was unable to locate any bodies or debris. Authorities remain baffled, and the world remains transfixed. However, this is not the first story of its kind to shake the global community. According to the Aviation Society Network, more than 80 aircrafts have been declared "missing" since 1948, "Ghost Planes" that have literally vanished without a trace. This special utilizes interviews with experts and the families of passengers, CGI, re-enactments and archival news footage to walk viewers through the various theories surrounding the fate of missing Malaysian Flight 370, while discussing the disappearance in its historical context, as one of many "Ghost Plane" cases that have perplexed people since the beginning of aviation.