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Poser - G-Girl A4/V4  Graphics

Posted by rslink at Nov. 9, 2010
Poser - G-Girl A4/V4

Poser - G-Girl A4/V4 | 8.89 MB

Get ready to hit the streets in these anime inspired battle fatigues! Comes with three conforming pieces of clothing, gun prop, and one injection morph.

Lani for A4 V4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at July 10, 2010
Lani for A4 V4

Lani for A4 V4 | 38 Mb

A beautiful island girl for A4/V4, Lani has photo-based textures and a cute South Pacific style morph. With three make-up options and a nude face texture, she is sure to turn heads.

Twinkle Hair for A4-V4-G4-A3  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at May 30, 2010
Twinkle Hair for A4-V4-G4-A3

Twinkle Hair for A4-V4-G4-A3 | 134.49 Mb

Introducing Twinkle Hair, a crazy fantasy hair perfect for your faes and other creatures!
Twinkle comes with 16 vibrant hair shades made from genuine hair photographs.
The included morphs make it possible to move and pose the bangs and ponytails anyway you like!
You also get beautiful sparkly Stars and Pearls earrings!
There are 8 lustrous pearl shades, with a choice of gold or silver metal.
The stars come as gold, silver or diamond-encrusted.
Twinkle Hair comes fitted for default Victoria 4 with morph fits for Aiko 4, Aiko 4 Real + Classic, Girl 4 and also Aiko 3!

Sweet Faez A4/V4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at Sept. 8, 2009
Sweet Faez A4/V4

Sweet Faez A4/V4 | 2 Mb

Sweet Faez for A4 & V4 is a quality pose package with a total of 50 detailed poses for each with
special attention when posing eyes, hands and feet.

Trainee witch for A4-V4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at Aug. 25, 2009
Trainee witch for A4-V4

Trainee witch for A4-V4 | 12 Mb

Trainee witch is the outfit for V4/A4. For Poser6 and 7.

Ori 2048 for A4-V4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at Aug. 24, 2009
Ori 2048 for A4-V4

Ori 2048 for A4-V4 | 45 Mb

Ori2048 is a 4-piece outfit for Vicky 4. It contains 38 movement morphs, and 49 full body morphs. This includes fits for Aiko 4, Alice, Pretty Base, and the V4 Elite Morphs.

Honey for A4-V4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at Aug. 17, 2009
Honey for A4-V4

Honey for A4-V4 | 41 Mb

Product Requirements: Poser 6+; V4 Base for Head morph; A4 V4Elite V4Morphs++ For Body morphs

Sukey for A4-V4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at July 6, 2009
Sukey for A4-V4

Sukey for A4-V4 | 61 Mb

What does Sukey mean? Nobody knows… Find out with this fabulous clothing set for Aiko 4, Victoria 4 and Victoria 4 Elite. But wait! It is a clothing set with two options that give you a total of twelve pieces.
One set of six pieces come preloaded with morphs and the other six pieces allow you to INJ only the morphs you wish to use.

Paris for A4/V4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at May 28, 2009
Paris for A4/V4

Paris for A4/V4 | 9 Mb

As mysterious and sensual as the city itself, Paris is a classy new outfit for Victoria and Aiko 4, complete with beret and black laced pumps.

Mini Dress A4/V4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at April 20, 2009
Mini Dress A4/V4

Mini Dress A4/V4 | 8 Mb

This cute mini, with coordinated shoes and panties, is equally at home in an Anime scene for A4 or taking V4 clubbing.