CD Finder 4.2.2

SnapNDrag Pro 4.2.2 Mac OS X  Software

Posted by Messer2 at Jan. 7, 2017
SnapNDrag Pro 4.2.2 Mac OS X

SnapNDrag Pro 4.2.2 | MacOSX | 3.8 MB

SnapNDrag started off as a simple app that lets you snap a screenshot with one click and then drag the result off to Mail, Finder, or any other app that accepts an image. It has since matured into a powerful screenshot tool that helps you annotate, organize, and share your screenshots. As we added features over time, we have made it a top priority to keep the app easy to use. And we think the extra thought we put into this speaks for itself. This powerful app is still as easy to use as the day it was born as a simple one-trick pony.

FlipBuilder Flip PDF Multilingual  Software

Posted by melt_ at Aug. 10, 2016
FlipBuilder Flip PDF Multilingual

FlipBuilder Flip PDF Multilingual | 78.7 Mb

Flip PDF provides a quick and easy way to batch convert ordinary PDF files into stunning Flash & HTML5 publications that run on all devices (iPad, iPhone, Android phone), with amazing page flip animations and sound! Imagine being able to create digital magazines or brochures that behave like actual paper books in only three steps without any programming work! The created flipbook works both online and offline, you can publish it to the web, send via email, burn it onto CD/DVD or USB flash drives, distribute it on machine for exhibition or presentations unlimitedly!

DeployMaster 4.2.2 Portable  Software

Posted by big1ne at Feb. 15, 2015
DeployMaster 4.2.2 Portable

DeployMaster 4.2.2 Portable | 6.8 MB

DeployMaster is the solution you need to distribute your Windows software or other computer files, via the Internet or on CD or DVD. DeployMaster is the no-nonsense installation builder that will deliver your software with a good first impression: a smooth installation. Computer novices enjoy its ability to install your software without asking any questions, while computer experts enjoy the control and feedback it offers when they click the "Advanced Options Installation" button. And you will enjoy both the positive response from your customers and the ability to effortlessly build those setup packages with DeployMaster.

EZ CD Audio Converter Multilingual + Portable  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Oct. 2, 2014
EZ CD Audio Converter Multilingual + Portable

EZ CD Audio Converter Multilingual + Portable | 68 MB

EZ CD Audio Converter is the most comprehensive multi format audio converter and is extremely easy to use. Rips audio CDs, converts audio files, allows editing of metadata, and burns discs. It has efficient error-detective CD-ripping, very fast parallel audio conversion, and reliable disc burning. All combined to user friendly, beautiful interface.

Windows 7 Manager 4.2.2 Portable  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Feb. 17, 2013
Windows 7 Manager 4.2.2 Portable

Windows 7 Manager 4.2.2 Portable | 11.1 MB

Windows 7 Manager is a system utility that helps you optimize, tweak, and clean up Windows 7. It will increase your system speed, improve system security, and meet all of your expectations.

Windows 7 Manager 4.2.2  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Feb. 17, 2013
Windows 7 Manager 4.2.2

Windows 7 Manager 4.2.2 | 13 MB

Windows 7 Manager is a system utility that helps you optimize, tweak, and clean up Windows 7. It will increase your system speed, improve system security, and meet all of your expectations.

DSP-Quattro 4.2.2  Software

Posted by Темный Повелитель at Dec. 8, 2012
DSP-Quattro 4.2.2

DSP-Quattro 4.2.2 | Mac Os X | 32.4 MB

DSP-Quattro, the powerful Audio Editor for Mac OS X. This major new version introduces a lot of important new features and improvements. There is a new graphic Cut Editor which offers the maximum flexibility doing click-free cut&paste of audio waveforms, allowing you to draw x-fades curves by yourself. There is a built-in de-clicker tool for audio restoration, side by side with a new pencil tool to re-draw waveforms by hand, and also a very useful gain tool to manually lower transients by a real-time graphic control. Moreover, new High Quality Time Stretching and Frequency Shifting algorithms are built-in in version 4, there is a new graphic editor for Fade-In/Outs, up to 4 Aux busses to address outputs, user configurable key commands, unlimited number of effx slots to insert plug-ins, a new internal 'plug-in' module to address external audio hardware for external audio processing… and much more.

X-Ways WinHex 16.6 SR-4  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Aug. 30, 2012
X-Ways WinHex 16.6 SR-4

X-Ways WinHex 16.6 SR-4 | 2.2 Mb

WinHex is in its core a universal hexadecimal editor, particularly helpful in the realm of computer forensics, data recovery, low-level data processing, and IT security. An advanced tool for everyday and emergency use: inspect and edit all kinds of files, recover deleted files or lost data from hard drives with corrupt file systems or from digital camera cards.

SimpleKeys  Software

Posted by Темный Повелитель at April 6, 2012

SimpleKeys | Mac Os X | 5 MB

SimpleKeys 2 is a complete rewrite of the popular f-key shortcut program. Allows the user to program a keyboard combination to type text, open files, and perform moderately complex macros. SimpleKeys is designed to be simple to use and a snap to set up. You can run Applescripts, run terminal commands, open URLs and much more. Shortcuts can be included in the SimpleKeys dock menu, and set to be active in all apps or any group of apps.

East-Tec DisposeSecure  Software

Posted by SpecialOnE at Feb. 29, 2012
East-Tec DisposeSecure

East-Tec DisposeSecure | 7.5 Mb

Don't give away sensitive information with the old computers that you or your company resells, donates or removes from operation.
Deleting all files, formatting the hard disk or using FDISK is not enough to stop people to restore information using basic recovery programs.
East-Tec DisposeSecure removes all traces of data from the hard disk by overwriting and destroying every sector and bit of information. East-Tec DisposeSecure meets and exceeds government and industry security standards for the permanent erasure of digital information.