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Catia Pro - Mastering CATIA by Examples (MCE)  

Posted by ksenya.b at Feb. 1, 2014
Catia Pro - Mastering CATIA by Examples (MCE)

Catia Pro - Mastering CATIA by Examples (MCE)
Video files (No special format) Only Playable via own Application included | All 5 Training Series | 15.3 GB
Genre: eLearning | Also included: MP4 (introduction) | Language: English

Mastering Catia by Examples contains the most essential applications in CATIA package and are presented in 734 multimedia tutorials (Videos with sound). It is divided into main chapters, and these chapters contain sub-chapters which are sometimes sub-divided into several parts. Each part or sub-chapter contains a number of fully worked out tutorials (sound videos) that introduce the activity in hand into easy to follow step by step actions. Some videos contain additional advanced information in the form of power point presentations which are built in within the video itself.

Catia V5R16 Program CD  

Posted by mistix at March 4, 2007
Catia V5R16 Program CD

Catia V5R16 Program CD
This only program CDs of Catia V5R16, can be updatable to Upt7

CATIA is already the leading 3D design and simulation solution across seven major sectors: Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Plant Design, Electrical and Electronics, Consumer Goods, and Fabrication and Assembly. As a scalable solution, it is now a leader among small- and medium-sized enterprises.

VueScan Pro 9.5.62 (x86/x64) Multilingual  Software

Posted by Givaraa at Dec. 9, 2016
VueScan Pro 9.5.62 (x86/x64) Multilingual

VueScan Pro 9.5.62 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 17.9 MB

VueScan, the world's most popular scanner software, is used extensively by photographers, home users, scanning services and corporations. VueScan is a scanning program that works with most high-quality flatbed and film scanners to produce scans that have excellent color fidelity and color balance. It is very easy to use, and also has advanced features for restoring faded colors, batch scanning and other features used by professional photographers.

Kress Pro - Nr.10 2016  Magazines

Posted by Torries at Dec. 9, 2016
Kress Pro - Nr.10 2016

Kress Pro - Nr.10 2016
German | 124 pages | True PDF | 28 MB

All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner) Pro v7.0.0  Software

Posted by Orten at Dec. 9, 2016
All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner) Pro v7.0.0

All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner) Pro v7.0.0 | 21.5 MB

The best Android cleaner & memory booster All-In-One Toolbox, equipped with 29 Android system tools, is designed to clean up junk files, boost memory, protect private info and speedup your Android with one-tap cleaning and process killing. All-In-One Toolbox allows to batch uninstall unwanted apps, move apps to SD Card, disable running apps from system boot, manage files in SD Card and more…

English Grammar use & Test Pro 5.5.5  Software

Posted by Samsan at Dec. 9, 2016
English Grammar use & Test Pro 5.5.5

English Grammar use & Test Pro 5.5.5 | Android | 4.6 MB

English grammar in use and Test Pro - The best way to improve your grammar and the esiest way to learning English grammar. English Grammar is the study of words and the ways words work together in English. An invisible force that guides us as we put words together into sentences. Any person who communicates using a particular language is consciously or unconsciously aware of the grammar of that language.

Devonthink Pro Office 2.9.8 Multilangual  Software

Posted by Givaraa at Dec. 9, 2016
Devonthink Pro Office 2.9.8 Multilangual

Devonthink Pro Office 2.9.8 Multilangual | MacOSX | 32.1 MB

DEVONthink Pro Office is your Mac paperless office. It stores all your documents, helps you keep them organized, and presents you with what you need to get the job done. DEVONthink saves all your documents, keeps them organized, and recalls them whenever you need them. Now there's no need to store Office files, PDFs, bookmarks or other information in separate apps.

iMyfone Umate Pro Multilingual  Software

Posted by melt_ at Dec. 9, 2016
iMyfone Umate Pro Multilingual

iMyfone Umate Pro Multilingual | 28.2 Mb

iMyfone Umate Pro is a useful software solution that enables you to delete unnecessary files from your iPhone or perform a complete wipe, as well as make deleted files impossible to recover. It is very easy to use, and it comes with an intuitive user interface.

DoYourData Uninstaller Pro 2.0  Software

Posted by big1ne at Dec. 9, 2016
DoYourData Uninstaller Pro 2.0

DoYourData Uninstaller Pro 2.0 | 11.7 MB

DoYourData Uninstaller is an easy and clever solution to completely remove the software, Windows applications and plug-ins on your computer.

Self Camera HD (with Filters) Pro 3.0.66  Software

Posted by Samsan at Dec. 9, 2016
Self Camera HD (with Filters) Pro 3.0.66

Self Camera HD (with Filters) Pro 3.0.66 | Android | 8 MB

This app allows you to take pictures remotely using whistles and hand clapping, without touching your phone.