Bach Concertos For Two Harpsichords Suzuki

Masato Suzuki,  Masaaki Suzuki - Bach: Concertos For Two Harpischords (2014)

Masato Suzuki, Masaaki Suzuki - Bach: Concertos For Two Harpischords (2014)
EAC Rip | Flac (Tracks + cue + log) | 1 CD | Full Scans | 444 MB
Genre: Classical | Label: Bis | Catalog Number: 2051

Three double concertos for harpsichord by Bach survive, all dating from around 1736, and all arrangements of earlier compositions. BWV 1060 is thought to have originated as a now lost double concerto for oboe and violin, while BWV 1062 is a reworking of the well-loved concerto for two violins. Unlike these two works, BWV 1061 was composed for two harpsichords from the outset, but probably started out as a concerto without orchestral accompaniment – this will have been added later. Performing these works, with a quintet of string players from the Bach Collegium Japan, Masaaki Suzuki is joined by his son Masato. For the present disc Masato Suzuki has also taken a page from Bach’s own book, in arranging the composer’s Orchestral Suite No.1 for two unaccompanied harpsichords.

C.Ph.E & W.F.Bach - Concertos for 2 Harpsichords  Music

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 C.Ph.E & W.F.Bach - Concertos for 2 Harpsichords

C.Ph.E & W.F.Bach - Concertos for 2 Harpsichords
9 tracks | MP3 | 192 Kbps | RAR 88Mb

An early recording (Archiv 419 256-2, 1986) from Musica Antiqua Koln. Remains excellent even with today HIP standards. Some fine examples of how Bach's sons continued and enriched the harpsichord concerto tradition, of which their father had been a pioneer. A great performance for this beautiful music, capturing all its power and its subtleties.
Elizabeth Farr - Johann Sebastian Bach: Concertos for Solo Harpsichord (Complete) (2009) 2CDs

Elizabeth Farr - J.S. Bach: Concertos for Solo Harpsichord (Complete) (2009) 2CDs
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 934 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 355 Mb | Scans included
Classical, Baroque | Label: Naxos | # 8.572006-07 | Time: 02:30:31

This Bach release by American harpsichordist Elizabeth Farr is unusual in several respects and will be welcomed by listeners with Bach collections of any size. Start with the harpsichord, built by the iconoclastic maker Keith Hill in rural Manchester, MI. It's modeled on the Dutch Ruckers instruments of the 17th century, but it includes a set of 16-foot strings, and it has a truly mighty sound, beautifully captured at what is identified as Ploger Hall in the same locality. It's not clear what this venue is, but it's vast improvement over Naxos' preferred church sites. The booklet (in English only) includes a short note from Hill admitting that such a harpsichord would have been rare in Bach's time, but suggesting that it was a luxury item that its "value cannot be overestimated" when it is used where it makes musical sense. That's definitely the case here. These "concertos for solo harpsichord" are transcriptions Bach made for solo keyboard in the early 1710s, of mostly violin concertos by mostly Italian composers. It is not known for certain why Bach made them; he may simply have liked the music and wanted to study it more closely, but Farr's detailed notes also indicate that the transcriptions might have been done at the behest of Bach's patron at the time, the Duke of Weimar.
Radu Lupu, Murray Perahia, English CO - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Concertos for Two and Three Pianos (1991)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Concertos for Two and Three Pianos (1991)
Radu Lupu, piano; Murray Perahia, piano; English Chamber Orchestra

EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 242 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 155 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included
Genre: Classical | Label: Sony Classical | # SK 44 915 | Time: 01:02:09

Radu Lupu and Murray Perahia should have recorded all of Mozart's piano music for four hands, which includes several neglected masterpieces. This disc reflects their ideal partnership, two artists of great sensitivity collaborating in performances that feature constant interplay of parts, alertness to each other's work, and superb playing as individuals. The Concerto for Two Pianos ripples along without a care in the world, just as it should, and the English Chamber Orchestra doesn't seem to care that nobody is conducting it. The pieces without orchestra are a bit less significant (as is the Concerto for Three Pianos), but the playing is so beautiful you won't care.
Mozart - Concertos for two & three pianos & orchestra KV 365 & 242 - Saulius Sondeckis (1990)

Mozart - Concertos for two & three pianos & orchestra KV 365 & 242 - Saulius Sondeckis (1990)
EAC Rip | FLAC (img + cue), LOG | TT 49:55 | Covers (jpg 300 dpi) | RAR 177 MB (3% Recovery)
Melodiya | USSR | SUCD 10-00037 | 1990

Т. Nikolaeva's concert activities, having begun even before the pianist's victory at the Bach International Competition in 1950, have continued for more than 40 years. Eliso Virsaladze is a laureate of several international competitions. On May 7, 1986 at the New Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire there took place the first recital of pianist Nikolai Lugansky, a Central Music School pupil. The large complex programme of the concert, technically perfect full of the youthful exuberance and inspiration, demonstrated the pianist's mature sense of style and deep insight into each works performed.

WF Bach: Concertos for Harpsichord & Strings  Music

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WF Bach: Concertos for Harpsichord & Strings

WF Bach: Concertos for Harpsichord & Strings
EAC Rip –> FLAC, CUE, LOG | Classics | Covers + Booklet | 302 MB
Label: Harmonica Mundi | Release: 1995 | Catalog: 901558 | Multi

In the world of classical-music recordings, the works of J.S. Bach naturally have overshadowed those of the "other" Bachs - the great composer's sons and ancestors. Yet as this CD demonstrates, there is considerable, beauty, originality and power in those too-neglected works. Charles Medlam, the well established interpreter of Baroque music, and his London Baroque ensemble are joined here by harpsichordist Richard Egarr in a demonstration that J.S.'s son Wilhelm Friedemann was in his own right an exceptional composer with a firm understanding of both his father's Baroque-synthesizing insights into musical structure and the new demands of the emerging Classical period in composition. This generally well-produced recording of three clavier concertos by J.S.'s oldest son sparkles with a blend of the old and the new - hints, and sometimes strong ones, of his father's musical approaches combined with treatments evocative of Haydn and the younger Mozart (whom it is said was taught briefly by one or more of the Bach boys). The performance stands as worthy of listening in its own right. And for those as yet unfamiliar with the output of Bach's more talented offspring, W.F. and Carl Philipp Emanual, it is an excellent introduction to a too-often bypassed corner of musical satisfaction.
French Concertos For Two Pianos - Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov (CPO)

Francis Poulenc - Darius Milhaud - Robert Casadesus
French Concertos For Two Pianos - Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov (CPO)

Classical 20th Century | FLAC + CUE + LOG | 1 CD, PDF Covers and Booklet | 245 MB | 2003
Trevor Pinnock, The English Concert - J.S. Bach: Concertos (2001) 5CD Box Set

Trevor Pinnock, The English Concert - J.S. Bach: Concertos (2001) 5CD Box Set
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 1.71 Gb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 711 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans ~ 63 Mb
Genre: Classical | Label: Deutsche Grammophon/Archiv produktion | # 4637252 | Time: 04:56:00

This is a really great five-CD set. You get all of Bach's concertos except the Brandenburgs - which is a shame because Pinnock's Brandenburgs are terrific. Nonetheless, this remains an absolutely cracking collection of some of Bach's most enjoyable music in excellent performances. In the Harpsichord Concertos Pinnock is himself the soloist and shows why he is such a very well-liked and highly regarded musician. The music springs to life under his fingers (and under his direction) and many of these performances set new and enduring standards when first released in the early 1980s. They have informed much subsequent Bach playing and have worn extremely well themselves, sounding as fresh and involving as they did nearly 30 years ago. He is joined by other fine harpsichordists in the concerti for two, three and four harpsichords, (Kenneth Gilbert, Nicholas Kraemer and Lars Ulrich Mortensen) and the Concerto for Four Harpsichords in particular is an absolute joy.

Masaaki Suzuki - J.S. Bach: Partitas for Harpsichord (2002)  Music

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Masaaki Suzuki - J.S. Bach: Partitas for Harpsichord (2002)

Masaaki Suzuki - J.S. Bach: Partitas for Harpsichord (2002)
XLD | FLAC (image+.cue, log) | Covers Included | 02:40:55 | 1,06 Gb
Genre: Classical | Label: BIS | Catalog: 1313/4

Listeners familiar with other recordings in Masaaki Suzuki's ongoing traversal of Bach's solo keyboard works may find his performances of the Partitas somewhat of an anomaly. For instance, the sharply delineated juxtapositions of tempos that made his Fantasias and Fugues program so thrilling (type Q3840 in Search Reviews) are nowhere to be heard here. The interpretive agenda this time is much subtler and decidedly more introverted.
VA - Music For Four Harpsichords: CPE Bach, JS Bach, G Malcolm (2017)

VA - Music For Four Harpsichords: CPE Bach, JS Bach, G Malcolm
Classical | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 56:35 min | 130 MB
Label: Decca | Tracks: 10 | 2017

There were many worlds in George Malcolm's (1917–1997) universe – organist, harpsichordist, pianist, composer, choral director and conductor – and this one demonstrates his unique skill as a solo performer who, throughout his career, more than any other individual defined the harpsichord's identity in England. After World War II Malcolm became the most famous English harpsichordist of his day, with a brilliant technique, superb musicianship and an idiosyncratically modern approach to playing which, for his audiences, came to exemplify the very nature of the instrument itself.