Baby Doll Night

Baby Doll Night  Music

Posted by egyptsons at June 23, 2008
Baby Doll Night

Yaser Abd elrahman- Baby Doll Night (Full Album)
Genre: Soundtrack | MP3 | CBR 320 Kbps | 62.2 MB
June 2008 | Publisher: Good news | Language: Arabic
Yaser Abdel Rahman (ياسر عبد الرحمن) - The Baby Doll Night

Yaser Abdel Rahman (ياسر عبد الرحمن) - The Baby Doll Night
MP3 | 320 kbps CBR | 56,3 Mb | 5% RR | 2008 | OST Music

Baby Doll (1988)  Video

Posted by fekmax at July 11, 2016
Baby Doll (1988)

Baby Doll (1988)
Danish | DVDRip | MKV | 686x484 | AVC @ 1800 Kbps | 25.000 fps | 1.09 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 192 Kbps | 2 channels | 01:18:21 minutes | Subtitles: English (srt), Danish (embedded)
Genre: Horror, Thriller

A young woman goes on a vacation at an old farm, which once belonged to her deceased grandmother. Childhood traumas and the memories of her strict and authoritarian grandmother haunts the young woman and leads her to scary delusions and a mental breakdown.

Sharon Carter Rogers - Baby Doll  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by SSCN1926 at Dec. 3, 2014
Sharon Carter Rogers - Baby Doll

Sharon Carter Rogers - Baby Doll
Italian | Fanucci | 2010 | EPUB | Pages 335 | ISBN: 883471671X | 0.33 Mb

The Baby Doll Murders (1993)  Video

Posted by at May 2, 2014
The Baby Doll Murders (1993)

The Baby Doll Murders (1993)
DVDRip | Lang: English | Sub: Spanish | AVI | 640x480 | DivX 2197Kbps | MP3 224Kbps | 86:52mins | 1.47GB
Genre: Thriller | USA

Someone is killing off young women in LA, leaving a baby doll with each of the bodies. Convinced a recently released criminal is responsible, the detective pushes hard on the ex-con, who slaps him with harassment charges. Suspended from the force, he continues investigating, and finds that each of the victims were patients of a Beverly Hills doctor.

Baby Doll (1956)  Video

Posted by ChumPaa at Feb. 28, 2014
Baby Doll (1956)

Baby Doll (1956)
A Film by Elia Kazan
WEB-DL 720p | MKV | Lang: English | Subs: English | 1h 54min | 988x720 | AVC @ 4054Kbps | AAC @ 105Kbps | 3.33 GB
Genre: Drama

Baby Doll Meighan is a pretty, vacuous Southern 'white trash' gal who at 19 still sleeps in a crib and sucks her thumb. She has been married for two years to ineffectual, bigoted Archie Lee. The couple have not yet consummated their marriage because Archie Lee promised Baby Doll's dying father that he would not touch his daughter until she said she was "ready for marriage." He is frustrated by this strain and obliged to peek at his squirmy half-dressed child-bride through a hole in her bedroom wall.

Baby Doll (1956) [Re-UP]  Video

Posted by Someonelse at Nov. 10, 2012
Baby Doll (1956) [Re-UP]

Baby Doll (1956)
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 4:3 | Cover + DVD Scan | 01:54:43 | 5,38 Gb
Audio: English AC3 1.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Genre: Drama

Living in Tiger Tail County, Mississippi, middle aged Archie Lee Meighan and nineteen year old "Baby Doll" Meighan née McCargo have been married for close to two years. Their marriage is not based on love, but each getting what they want from the other. Their marriage agreement has them consummating their marriage on her twentieth birthday, which is in three days, the act to which Baby Doll is not really looking forward. But she does taunt him and other men with her overt "baby doll" sexuality, the baby doll aspect which she fosters by sleeping in their house's nursery in a crib. Baby Doll's now deceased father allowed the marriage on the stipulation that Archie Lee provide Baby Doll financial security as displayed by the most resplendent house in the south. They currently live in a dilapidated mansion with her Aunt Rose Comfort, and although Archie Lee is making some renovations on it…

Satan's Baby Doll (1982)  Video

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Satan's Baby Doll (1982)

Satan's Baby Doll/La bimba di Satana (1982)
DVDRip | Lang: Italian | Sub: English (.srt) | AVI | 720x416 | XviD 2245Kbps | AC3 192Kbps | 85mins | 1.46gb
Genre: Horror | Italy

In the crypt of the remote castle of the Aguilars lies the recently-deceased body of Maria. Her husband Antonio is a jealous bully, his mute brother Ignazio is in a wheelchair peeping on his caretaker Sol, a novice. Also present are Miria, the couple's virginal daughter, and Isidro, a factotum who fears Satan's power. A frequent visitor is Juan Suarez, a doctor who wants Miria in a sanatorium for a month. She doesn't want to go. Isidro tries to exorcize the castle's evil spirits. Bodies pile up. Is Miria's mother truly dead, and who is Satan's tool?

Morvan & Jarzaguet - Bunker Baby Doll - Complet  Comics

Posted by pinkpanther2 at April 4, 2010
Morvan & Jarzaguet - Bunker Baby Doll - Complet

Bunker Baby Doll - 2 Tomes
Scénario : Jean-David Morvan | Dessin : Fabrice Jarzaguet | Science fiction | PDF | French | 45MB

Quand Casimir rencontre Terminator cela nous donne Bunker Baby Doll, une explosion cyber-punk où l'action traverse comme une roquette les décors hallucinants signés Fabrice Jarzaguet.

Bunker Baby Doll (1997) Complete  Comics

Posted by alexandra10 at June 29, 2014
Bunker Baby Doll (1997) Complete

Bunker Baby Doll (1997) Complete
French | CBR | 2 Issues | 37.7 MB