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Andreas Vollenweider - Down To The Moon (1986)  Music

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Andreas Vollenweider - Down To The Moon (1986)

Andreas Vollenweider - Down To The Moon (1986)
EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 227 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 83 Mb | Scans ~ 85 Mb
New Age, Instrumental, World Fusion | Label: Columbia | # COL 485165 2 | 00:36:28

Andreas Vollenweider's Grammy-winning effort is dominated by the Swiss musician's electrically modified harp. Its distinctive sound runs throughout the album, supported by the usual tinkering synthesizer effects and light percussion. After an extended introductory interlude, the title track zips into a vaguely Caribbean-styled rhythm. "Water Moon" features a different, more organic harp sound; it's mixed with the windy tones of a flute, suggesting ghostly moonshafts lancing through falling rain. Vollenweider plays the harp strings off of guitar strings on the surprisingly twangy (for new age, anyway) "Drown in Pale Light." The composer weaves the album's instrumentals together with a goody bag of pan-ethnic influences; the album's margins are full of these little touches that nevertheless make a big difference. Down to the Moon will appeal to anyone looking for music that's as interesting as it is soothing.
Andreas Vollenweider - Behind The Gardens - Behind The Wall - Under The Tree... (1981) {1988 CBS CD}

Andreas Vollenweider - Behind The Gardens - Behind The Wall - Under The Tree… (1981) {1988 CBS CD}
EAC Rip | FLAC with CUE and log | scans | 192 mb
MP3 CBR 320kbps | RAR | 69 mb
Genre: new age

Behind The Gardens - Behind The Wall - Under The Tree… is the 1981 album by Andreas Vollenweider, who plays the majority of the instruments on this. It was his second album but his breakthrough album to the mainstream. This comes from the first digital version of the album, released by CBS in 1988.

Andreas Vollenweider - Book Of Roses (1991)  Music

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Andreas Vollenweider - Book Of Roses (1991)

Andreas Vollenweider - Book Of Roses (1991)
New Age | 1cd | EAC Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | covers
Colomba/Columbia CK 48601 | rel: 1991 | 290Mb

Andreas Vollenweider's Book of Roses marries concept to contemporary instrumentalism, and blends the music of numerous cultures into the composer's already worldly sound. Separated into four chapters (where each song is an "episode"), the album chronicles the journey of a young girl from dances in grand ballrooms, through mysterious woods full of magical jugglers, to an eventual meeting with the Sphinx. In between there are numerous other adventures, each punctuated by some of the most ambitious music of Vollenweider's career. His trademark electric harp is still here, and the flair for sweeping arrangement is intact.

Andreas Vollenweider & Friends - Live (1982-1994)  Music

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Andreas Vollenweider & Friends - Live (1982-1994)

Andreas Vollenweider & Friends - Live (1982-1994)
New Age | 2cd | EAC Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | covers
Columbia 478042 2 | rel: 1994 | 830Mb

Selections from "Trilogy", "Down to the Moon", "Dancing with the Lion", "The Book of Roses" and "Eolian Minstrel", performed live by Vollenweider and his collaborators in concert tours from 1982 through 1994. This 2-CD set also includes an additional nine tracks of previously unreleased material done in a similar style to the cuts on the aforementioned albums–a wonderful bonus for fans of vintage Vollenweider. It's nice to hear the in-concert variations and improvisations of old favorites, and how gratifying also to hear all the live cheers and applause for this truly amazing artist and his repertoire of uniquely fascinating compositions.
Andreas Vollenweider - The Storyteller (2006) (CD + bonus DVD)

Andreas Vollenweider - The Storyteller (2006) (CD + bonus DVD)
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | MPEG-2 Video, PAL 4:3 (720x576), 25fps, 7062kbps | LPCM 2.0 | 21min | 1150Mb
1cd | EAC Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | 390Mb
New Age | Content/Edel 0167572CTT | rel: 2006 | covers

Andreas Vollenweider, son of an organist, is born in Zurich (Switzerland) in 1953. He started playing various instruments as autodidact until he discovered the harp, an instrument that he innovated by applying pick-ups and other transformations so to make possible the glissando. Even if he's known mostly for his new-age period in the early 80s his music has touched many genres, even inside the same album. His music has been labeled as world, newage, progressive and jazz, but he has also shown classical influences.
Storyteller album by Andreas Vollenweider was released on the EDEL label. Fully remixed and remastered in 24bit Hi-Definition Audio, with bonus audio and video content. Compilation.
Andreas Vollenweider & Friends - 25 Years Live (1982-2007) REPOST

Andreas Vollenweider & Friends - 25 Years Live (1982-2007)
New Age | 2cd | EAC Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | covers
KIN-KOU KIN17711 | rel: 2008 | 840Mb

The newly-remastered, live performances heard on these two CDs represent the soundtrack of a breathtakingly exciting journey over the past twenty-five years an adventure Andreas Vollenweider has shared with his band and with such memorable guest stars as vocalist Eliza Gilkyson and the Sinfonia Varsovia. "Andreas Vollenweider & Friends: 25 Years live" has been newly remastered in 24 Bit Hi Definition audio, and includes printed lyrics for Song of Isolde, Desert of Rain, and Pilgrim , as well as brief remarks by the artist.

Andreas Vollenweider - The Trilogy (1990)  Music

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Andreas Vollenweider - The Trilogy (1990)

Andreas Vollenweider - The Trilogy (1990)
New Age | 2cd | EAC Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | covers
CBS 467629 2 | rec: 1979-84 | 970Mb

This compilation includes Andreas Vollenweider's first three albums, the new composition "Pace Verde," and selections from 1984's Eine Art Suite. While it's Vollenweider's trademark electric harp playing that unifies these songs, the composer features numerous other instruments, including acoustic guitar, accordion, and the ever-present synthesizers.
Andreas Vollenweider - White Winds - 1984 (24/96 Vinyl Rip) *NEW-RIP+REPOST*

Andreas Vollenweider - White Winds - 1984
Vinyl Rip in 24 Bit-96 kHz | Redbook 16 Bit-44 kHz | FLAC | Cue | No Log | Scans | FP*RS | 741 MB + 201 MB
1984 / Genre: Ambient - New Age - CBS - NL

White Winds is Andreas Vollenweider's fourth studio album, released in 1984 and is one of his best works!

Andreas Vollenweider - Eolian Minstrel [1993] [FLAC]  Music

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Andreas Vollenweider - Eolian Minstrel [1993] [FLAC]

Andreas Vollenweider - Eolian Minstrel
Genre: New Age | 1993 Year | FLAC/MP3 | 285/117 MB

Andreas Vollenweider - Cosmopoly [1999] [FLAC]  Music

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Andreas Vollenweider - Cosmopoly [1999] [FLAC]

Andreas Vollenweider - Cosmopoly
Genre: New Age | 1999 Year | FLAC/MP3 | 320/133 MB