Handel - Agrippina (Rene Jacobs, Alexandrina Pendatchanska, Sunhae Im, Bejun Mehta) [2011]

Handel - Agrippina (René Jacobs, Alexandrina Pendatchanska, Sunhae Im, Bejun Mehta) [2011]
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Continuinghis exploration of Handel operas, maestro René Jacobs now turns his attention to Agrippina the first great operatic success of the composer s Italian period. Composed in 1709, Agrippina is an opera seria in three acts on a libretto by Cardinal Vincenzo Grimani. The opera tells the story of Agrippina, the mother of Nero, as she plots the downfall of the Roman Emperor Claudius and the installation of her son as emperor…

Agrippina 001 - ... and the Ancestor (2016) (Europe Comics)  Comics

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Agrippina 001 - ... and the Ancestor (2016) (Europe Comics)

Agrippina 001 - … and the Ancestor (2016) (Europe Comics)
English | CBR | 58 pages | 54.81 MB

You need a strong personality to follow on from the famous ‘Frustrés’ in the pages of Le Nouvel Observateur. Luckily, personality is certainly not something that Agrippina lacks. Trapped between her soft-hearted parents, her friends, her little brother and her own existential crises, Agrippina battles through the awkwardness of adolescence with dark humor and a whole load of attitude.
Handel - Agrippina (Arnold Ostman, Barbara Daniels, David Kuebler) (2006/1985)

Handel - Agrippina (Arnold Östman, Barbara Daniels, David Kuebler) (2006/1985)
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Agrippina is brilliant, early Handel. Composed when he was just twenty-four, it was his first big hit in the theatre. It’s full of his fresh, exuberantly inventive music and sets one of the finest librettos Handel worked with. This beautiful production, with an elegant and colorful staging, was recorded at the exquisite Rococo palace theatre in Schwetzingen, built in 1752.
Representing Agrippina: Constructions of Female Power in the Early Roman Empire  (Repost)

Representing Agrippina: Constructions of Female Power in the Early Roman Empire (American Philological Association American Classical Studies) by Judith Ginsburg
English | 2005 | ISBN: 0195181417 | 160 Pages | PDF | 1 MB

Agrippina the Younger, wife of the emperor Claudius and mother of his successor Nero, wielded power and authority at the center of the Roman empire in ways unmatched by almost any other woman in Roman history.

Agrippina, Epicharis (repost)  

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Agrippina, Epicharis (repost)

Agrippina, Epicharis (Historisch-Kritische Ausgabe) by Daniel Casper Von Lohenstein
Walter De Gruyter Inc; annotated edition | July 18, 2005 | German | ISBN: 3110181568 | 871 pages | PDF | 6 MB

Daniel Casper von Lohenstein (1635-1683) is one of the most significant German Baroque writers. He was a lawyer, envoy and Imperial Councillor who wrote numerous elaborate tragedies, together with his main work, the large-scale yet unfinished novel Arminius, which is regarded as a key novel on the social and political situation in the German Empire after the Thirty Years' War. The Berlin Project is the first historical complete commentary.
Agrippina: Sex, Power, and Politics in the Early Empire (repost)

Agrippina: Sex, Power, and Politics in the Early Empire by Anthony A. Barrett
English | 1999 | ISBN-10: 0300078560, 041520867X | PDF | 352 pages | 1,7 MB

Agrippina the Younger attained a level of power in first-century Rome unprecedented for a woman. According to ancient sources, she achieved her success by plotting against her brother, the emperor Caligula, murdering her husband, the emperor Claudius, and controlling her son, the emperor Nero, by sleeping with him. Modern scholars tend to accept this verdict.

Agrippina - Band 2  Comics

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Agrippina - Band 2

Agrippina - Band 2
German | CBR | 54 pages | 106 MB

Agrippina - Band 1  Comics

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Agrippina - Band 1

Agrippina - Band 1
German | CBR | 54 pages | 103 MB

Handel - Agrippina (Jean-Claude Malgoire) (2004)  

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Handel - Agrippina (Jean-Claude Malgoire) (2004)

Handel - Agrippina (Jean-Claude Malgoire) (2004)
Classical | Eac. Flac, Tracks+Cue, Log | Covers | 817.01 MB
Label: Dynamic | TT: 2:45:01

The performance of Agrippina received a guarded welcome on CD from David Vickers (7/04). Frédéric Fisbach’s production gives an amusing account, respectful yet inventive, of librettist Vincenzo Grimani’s look at the shenanigans of ancient Rome.
Agrippina shares three characters with L’incoronazione di Poppea but at an earlier stage of the story, Poppea here being pursued by Otho, Nero and the emperor Claudius. Agrippina, Claudius’s wife, spends the opera scheming to discredit Otho and to get Nero, her son by a previous marriage, designated as the next emperor. She is ultimately successful, but only after Claudius’s first attempt at a solution proves satisfactory to nobody.
– Richard Lawrence, Gramophone [1/2005]

Agrippina  Comics

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Italian | CBR | 57 pages | 108 MB