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AD Architectural Digest France Hors Série Inspirations No.1 - Été 2016

AD Architectural Digest France Hors Série Inspirations No.1 - Été 2016
French | 204 pages | PDF | 52 MB

AD Architectural Digest — la revue principale internationale sur l'architecture et le design. A commencé à être publié en Amérique au début des années 20. Pour les longues années a gagné la réputation du législateur les modes des intérieurs, a formé les goûts de quelques générations, la source de l'inspiration dans l'art de la création de l'espace vital idéal…AD Inspirations - 200 pages de décoration, de shopping, de tendance et de rêve.

PaperCraft Inspirations - Christmas 2014  Magazines

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PaperCraft Inspirations - Christmas 2014

PaperCraft Inspirations - Christmas 2014
English | HQ PDF | 84 pages | 50.30 MB

Graves of Nosgoth - Ex Tenebris Ad Lucem (2011)  

Posted by cha77os at June 19, 2011
Graves of Nosgoth - Ex Tenebris Ad Lucem (2011)

Graves of Nosgoth - Ex Tenebris Ad Lucem (2011)
Mp3 | 270 VBR | 92 MB | Italy
Melodic Death Metal

Graves Of Nosgoth is a project born in May 2009 from four guys experience Every member has always been a part of some bands, and this fact conferred to Graves Of Nosgoth a ruthless mix of live and studio experience, of many influences and a lot of passion. Influences are various: mainly they come from classic 80's American Heavy Metal but not only. In fact we found a large range of inspirations coming from Progressive Metal and Rock. This fact confers variety, freshness and innovation to the conception, composition and writing of every inedit track, in which the band puts a lot of passion, love, determination and force of will.

Inspirations for grammar  eBooks & eLearning

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Inspirations for grammar

Inspirations for grammar
Publisher: Scholastic Publ | 1994 | ISBN-10: 0590531387 | ISBN-13: 978 0590531382 | English | PDF | 208 pages | 29.92 Mb

This book offers practical assistance to teachers as they respond to the planning and teaching of grammar in the primary curriculum.

Erik Satie - Les Inspirations Insolites (1990)  Music

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Erik Satie - Les Inspirations Insolites (1990)

Erik Satie - Les Inspirations Insolites (1990)
EAC RIP | APE + CUE + LOG | COVER + BOOK | RAR FILES (3% recovery) | 2CD 476 Mb
Classical | EMI CZS 7.62877.2 - Harry Marks Creative Inspirations  Video

Posted by TDK1357 at May 21, 2009 - Harry Marks Creative Inspirations - Harry Marks Creative Inspirations | 489 MB

Harry Marks is considered by many to be the godfather of broadcast design. More than any other individual, he changed television by doing things with graphics that had never been attempted before. Not only did he pioneer the use of emerging imaging technologies, but he did so with style and reason. His pioneering work in the field of CGI brought him into collaboration with many other industry pioneers, including Douglas Trumbull, Robert Abel, Carl Rosendahl (whose company evolved into DreamWorks Animation), and Dale Herigstad. In the early '80s, Harry had the idea of bringing together people who work in the disparate fields of technology, entertainment, and design, so he partnered with Richard Saul Wurman and the TED Conference was born. This installment of Creative Inspirations takes viewers on a historic journey through the extraordinary career of Harry Marks.

Adrosoft AD Audio Recorder 2.4.1  Software

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Adrosoft AD Audio Recorder 2.4.1

Adrosoft AD Audio Recorder 2.4.1 | 1.6 Mb

AD Audio Recorder is a sound record program for Windows. It can record in normal mode as the most known audio recorders and in sound activated mode. Intuitive user interface and sound visualization in real time make easy setting and adjusting of recording parameters. Active Audio Recorder can record any signal from your sound card including live streaming audio from the internet, audio from movies and music played by the most popular media players into MP3 and WAV format. Advanced sound activated recording allows you to save your audio notes and skip silent passages in any streaming audio.
Giorgio Nardone, "Aiutare i genitori ad aiutare i figli: Problemi e soluzioni per il ciclo di vita"

Giorgio Nardone, "Aiutare i genitori ad aiutare i figli: Problemi e soluzioni per il ciclo di vita"
Ponte alle Grazie | 2012 | ISBN: 8862207107 | Italian | EPUB | 208 pages | 3 MB

Probabilmente sono pochissimi i genitori che non hanno mai dovuto affrontare problemi grandi o piccoli con i propri figli, a tutte le età. Chi non ha mai avuto a che fare con le difficoltà dei primi mesi di vita del neonato, con un bambino introverso o troppo vivace, con un adolescente problematico? Negli ultimi anni si è assistito a un interesse crescente per lo studio delle dinamiche familiari, con un’applicazione sempre più ampia di interventi e psicoterapie strategiche che coinvolgono non solo il paziente di volta in volta «designato», ma anche i genitori. …

Smart Tool Box v14.2 (Ad-free)  Software

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Smart Tool Box v14.2 (Ad-free)

Smart Tool Box v14.2 (Ad-free) | 5.2 MB

Smart Tool Box is a handy tool box app with 40 smart DIY and metering tools like bubble level, ruler, compass, distance meter, unit converter, DB meter, protractor, stopwatch, NFC, bar and QR reader… Use device's in-built sensors in all in one tool box app, handy like a swiss army knife.

Call blocker v1.5.0 (Ad-Free)  Software

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Call blocker v1.5.0 (Ad-Free)

Call blocker v1.5.0 (Ad-Free) | 1.6 MB

Don't let unwanted calls disturb you anymore. Call Blocker helps you to block unwanted calls. you can block unknown callers , block all incoming calls ,block certain numbers (black list numbers) or allow only certain numbers(white list numbers)