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A.A.A. Massaggiatrice bella presenza offresi... / A.A.A. Masseuse, Good-Looking, Offers Her Services (1972)

A.A.A. Massaggiatrice bella presenza offresi… / A.A.A. Masseuse, Good-Looking, Offers Her Services (1972)
DVDRip | AVI/Xvid ~2745 kbps avg | 1Hr 23Mins | 25 fps | 720x400 | 1.76 GB
Audio: Italian | AC3 2 Ch 256 Kbps | Subtitles: English
Genre: Thriller | Director: Demofilo Fidani

The young leaves Cristina parents complaining about a growing need for freedom and expressing the desire to become financially independent. The father suffers very dell'allontamento daughter, but the girl's mother, convinced her husband that for a young woman needs to feel free and established is important. The girl's parents do not know, however, the true intentions of Cristina. The young, in fact, reached the house of his best friend begins to prostitution through ads in local newspapers. Soon the girls get rich but, inevitably, end up to surround and shady shady characters. At one point all customers Cristina begin to be murdered by a mysterious individual black dress to kill using a sharp razor. It will not be easy to identify the murderer.

A.A.A. Cercasi Marito (2008)  Video

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A.A.A. Cercasi Marito (2008)

A.A.A. Cercasi Marito (2008)
A Film by Ron Oliver
DVDrip | MPEG-4 Visual | AVI | 624x336 | Xvid @ 1856 Kbps | AC3 @ 448 Kbps CBR | 01:24:35 | 5% Recovery | 1.4 Gb
Languages Available: Italian | Subtitle: No
Genre: Comedy

Gwen Green, affascinanate bionda trentacinquenne e la sua migliore amica Sandra sono le ultime due ex-studentesse del St. Mary College a non aver ancora trovato marito. Sandra è stufa di partecipare a matrimoni in cui lei e Gwen vengono additate come “zitelle” e cerca di convincere anche Gwen a cercare l’uomo da portare all’altare.
Torsten Meissner - S-Stem Nouns and Adjectives in Greek and Proto-Indo-European: A Diachronic Study in Word Formation
Oxford University Press | ISBN: 0199280088 | 2006-06-01 | PDF | 288 pages | 1.73 Mb
The Germanic Strong Verbs: Foundations and Development of a New System
Mouton de Gruyter | ISBN: 3110199572 | 2007-05-01 | PDF | 262 pages | 1.16 Mb
Inger Lassen - Accessibility and Acceptability in Technical Manuals: A Survey of Style and Grammatical Metaphor
John Benjamins Publishing Co | ISBN: 1588113620 | 2003-06 | PDF | 183 pages | 1.73 Mb

Accessibility and Acceptability in Technical Manuals is written for an audience with a general interest in readability studies, linguistics and technical writing. With the main emphasis on technical manuals the book is primarily targeted at those who have a special interest in the design and use of utility texts and how these texts are received and understood by a multifaceted audience. Accessibility is not a new research area and many explanations have been offered over the past years as to why non-experts often have difficulties in comprehending texts written by technological experts. This book offers a new approach to accessibility studies by exploring not only style, but also attitudes to style, by asking text consumers which style they prefer for different parts of the manual. A key role is played by the Systemic Functional Linguistics' notion of grammatical metaphor, a stylistic choice that is commonly used in technical literature. Grammatical metaphor — although apparently obstructing the comprehension process of some readers — is a common element in the preferred style that separates the ‘insiders’ from the ‘outsiders’. An explanation of this rather surprising result is offered by resorting to Critical Discourse Analysis.

Tete-a-tete. Portraits by Henri Cartier-Bresson  eBooks & eLearning

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TETE A TETE - PORTRAITS BY HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON by Henri Cartier-Bresson (Introduction)
Bulfinch Press | English l 1998 | ISBN: 0821225626 | 144 pages | PDF | 20.77 MB

Henri Cartier-Bresson's Tête a Tête, his portraits of some of the most potent icons of the latter half of the 20th century, is an understated yet powerful and challenging book: a masterpiece of the photographer's art of composition and expression. Presented in non-chronological order, yet arranged so as to provide links and parallels in posture and facial likenesses, familiar icons easily mix with anonymous subjects. A very young Truman Capote in crumpled T-shirt, on the brink of literary fame; a very old Colette, but retaining her inquisitorial gaze; Matisse with his birds, Sartre with his pipe, Igor Stravinsky, astonishingly similar in 1946 and 1967; a beaming Che Guevara. There are also group portraits of unknowns, but none the less resonant for that: besuited men in 1950s Iran, tribes people from Kashmir, prostitutes in Mexico, the women of southern Spain, dressed eternally in black. As the art historian EH Gombrich comments in his introduction to Tête a Tête, Cartier-Bresson, in these portraits, moves significantly away from the received techniques of the "society" photographer. Instead, he "always preferred to lie in wait for the telling moment". –Catherine Taylor

What A Wonderful World - Photos  Graphics

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What A Wonderful World - Photos
96 JPEG | ~ 10000x700 pxl | 15.97 MB | 3 Mirrors

The Complete Guide to Learning a Language  eBooks & eLearning

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The Complete Guide to Learning a Language By Gill James
How to Books (August 2003) | 1857039033 | English | 190 pages | PDF | 5.08 MB | 4 Mirrors

Learning a language doesn't have to be difficult - in fact it can be easy and fun. And one thing's for sure, you'll get so much more out of being abroad when you know something of the language, and get to know the people who speak it. This book tells you the quickest, most effective and most enjoyable ways of learning the language you need to know.

The Secrets of Jujitsu,: A Complete Course in Self Defense  eBooks & eLearning

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Captain Allan Corstorphin Smith, "The Secrets of Jujitsu,: A Complete Course in Self Defense"
Stahara Pub. Co | ISBN B000884LFE | 1920 | 83 Pages | PDF | 3 Mb

Thi course is a timeles classic. Originally printed in 1920 by Captain Allan Corstorphin Smith, winner of the Black Belt, Japan, 1916. Instructor of Hand-to-Hand Fighting, THE INFANTRY SCHOOL, Camp Benning, Columbus, Georgia and at United States Training Camps and Cantonments, 1917 and 1918

Be A Martial Artist  eBooks & eLearning

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Phil Elmore, "Be A Martial Artist"
ISBN: N/A | 2005 | 60 Pages | PDF | 1 Mb

Self-defense is the inalienable right of all human beings. You are born with the natural right to your person. Your self is the one thing you can always and truly be said to own, for if you don't own you, who does? You are not a slave. You are, therefore, entitled to defend yourself from violations of the property that is you. You have the right to defend yourself from initiated violence, from violent crime. You have the right to fight back in order to stop others from harming you. More importantly, you therefore incur the responsibility to prepare yourself for this undertaking.