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Iron & Wine - Ghost On Ghost (2013) {4AD-Nonesuch CAD3306CD}  Music

Posted by ruskaval at Jan. 25, 2018
Iron & Wine - Ghost On Ghost (2013) {4AD-Nonesuch CAD3306CD}

Iron & Wine - Ghost On Ghost (2013) {4AD CAD3306CD}
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© 2013 4AD / Nonesuch | CAD3306CD
Indie Folk / Indie Rock / Indie Pop / Blues / Jazz / Soft Rock

After expanding his intimate indie folk sound about as far as it could go on the last Iron & Wine album, Kiss Each Other Clean, Sam Beam (and trusty producer Brian Deck) take a step back on Ghost on Ghost and deliver something less suited for large arenas and more late-night jazz club-sized. The arrangements on that album were stuffed with instruments and seemed built to reach the back row; this time there are still plenty of horns, violins, and female backing vocals in the mix, but they are employed with a much lighter touch. Working with jazz drummer Brian Blade and a standup bass and mixing together elements of country, jazz, indie rock, and soft rock, the album has a much more intimate feel that suits Beam's quietly soulful vocals much more naturally.

The National - High Violet (2010) {4AD CAD 3X03CD}  Music

Posted by ruskaval at Nov. 8, 2017
The National - High Violet (2010) {4AD CAD 3X03CD}

The National - High Violet (2010) {4AD CAD 3X03CD}
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© 2010 4AD Records | CAD 3X03CD
Rock / Indie Rock / Alternative / Chamber Pop / Sadcore

The National have worn a lot of hats since their 2001 debut, but they’ve never been able to shake the rural, book-smart, quiet malevolence of the Midwest. The Brooklyn-groomed, Ohio-bred indie rock quintet’s fifth full-length album navigates that lonely dirt road where swagger meets desperation like a seasoned tour guide, and while it may take a few songs to get going, there are treasures to be found for patient passengers. The National's profile rose considerably after 2007’s critically acclaimed The Boxer, and they have used that capital to craft a flawed gem of a record that highlights their strengths and weaknesses with copious amounts of red ink.

The National - Trouble Will Find Me (2013) {4AD CAD3315CD}  Music

Posted by ruskaval at Sept. 19, 2017
The National - Trouble Will Find Me (2013) {4AD CAD3315CD}

The National - Trouble Will Find Me (2013) {4AD CAD3315CD}
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© 2013 4AD / The National | CAD3315CD
Rock / Indie Rock / Alternative / Chamber Pop / Sadcore

Upon first spin, Trouble Will Find Me, the warm, wistful, and weary sixth long-player from The National, sounds a lot like 2010's warm, wistful, and weary High Violet, but where the former was built on a foundation of suburban despondency and casual, middle class self-destruction (and skillfully juggled melodrama and dark comedy), the latter feels mired in regret, seeking refuge in the arms of old friends and lost lovers, sounding for all the world like a single cube of ice lazily swirling about a recently drained tumbler of single malt scotch, a notion best intoned on early album standout "Demons," which casually announces "I am secretly in love with everyone I grew up with."

M. Ward - Post-War (2006) {4AD CAD2611CD}  Music

Posted by ruskaval at April 13, 2017
M. Ward - Post-War (2006) {4AD CAD2611CD}

M. Ward - Post-War (2006) {4AD CAD2611CD}
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© 2006 4AD Ltd. | CAD2611CD
Indie Rock / Indie Folk / Rock / Alternative Singer-Songwriter / Adult Alternative Pop

Laconic California indie minstrel M. Ward's fifth offering is a thrift shop photo album filled with histories that may or may not have been, dust bowl carnival rides, and slices of sunlit Western Americana so thick that you need a broom to sweep up the bits that fall off of the knife. Ward makes records that sound like he just wandered in off the street with a few friends and hit the record button, but what would feel lazy and unfocused in less confident hands comes off like a tutorial in old-school songwriting and performance that hearkens back to the days of Hank Williams and Leadbelly if they had had access to a modern-day studio.

Lisa Gerrard - The Mirror Pool (1995) {4AD}  Music

Posted by ruskaval at Sept. 29, 2010
Lisa Gerrard - The Mirror Pool (1995) {4AD}

Lisa Gerrard - The Mirror Pool (1995) {4AD}
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© 1995 4AD | CAD 5009 CD
Rock / Alternative / Indie Rock / World Fusion

Lisa Gerrard - The Mirror Pool (1995) {4AD}

Lisa Gerrard was so indelibly and obviously a part of what made Dead Can Dance what it is that it's little wonder that The Mirror Pool feels essentially like a continuation of that band's haunting, vast atmospheres. Without Brendan Perry's deep, rolling voice as a contrast, Gerrard's sky-sweeping abilities transform the entire recording into a truly mystical experience. The use of Australia's Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra on many tracks continues the tradition of strong arrangements in Gerrard's work, thanks to the abilities of John Bonnar, who conducts as well as performs at other points.

Impact Soundworks ALLURA Volume 1 WAV KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at April 20, 2018
Impact Soundworks ALLURA Volume 1 WAV KONTAKT

Impact Soundworks ALLURA Volume 1 WAV KONTAKT | 1.23 Gb

Welcome to ALLURA Volume 1, our debut solo vocal library featuring the performances of award-winning soprano Jillian Aversa! This enchanting instrument offers 150 unique, ethereal vocal phrases across 4 keys, 3 tempi, multiple modes and time signatures. The phrases all have evocatively named groups and detailed tags so you can either start a composition with an inspiring performance, or easily fit one into your existing piece.

Cinetools Otherworld WAV  Software

Posted by Artist14 at March 8, 2018
Cinetools Otherworld WAV

Cinetools Otherworld WAV | 2.84 GB

It’s time to take a journey into the dark ages! Cinetools present Otherworld featuring +750 cutting-edge cinematic sound effects with dark sci-fi and mystery aesthetic - covering a wide range of trailer type sfx and futuristic scoring elements as cinematic hits, huge impacts and slams, whooshes, pass-bys, rises, sweeps, sequences, drones, ambiences, textures, pads, morphing layers, stingers, drastic synth lines, glitches and stutters + raw source sounds and field recordings - all of the sci-fi sound fx you need right here.

Ueberschall Score FX WAV  Software

Posted by orientazure at March 6, 2018
Ueberschall Score FX WAV

Ueberschall Score FX WAV | 4.21 Gb

Welcome to the Ueberschall Score FX system. Elastik Technology + rigorous sample organization and tonal precision = Done Deal. This instrument includes 7 GIGs of brand new sonic stimulants. Featuring a progressive structure and layout made for building tracks from supplied "themes" and construction kits offering ease of injection into projects.

Boom Library Transportation WAV  Software

Posted by orientazure at Feb. 16, 2018
Boom Library Transportation WAV

Boom Library Transportation WAV | 2.76 Gb

Kicking off our brand-new series "Noisy Places", TRANSPORTATION is a comprehensive ambient collection with a broad spectrum of crystal-clear vehicle recordings.

Frankie P Feels Ultimate Bundle WAV  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Feb. 10, 2018
Frankie P Feels Ultimate Bundle WAV

Frankie P Feels Ultimate Bundle WAV | 3.22 Gb

The Frankie P Ultimate Bundle by renowned producer Frankie P features all 3 Volumes from the Feels Sample Library. It includes 45 Samples + Stems and 10 All NEW bonus samples (no stems) for a total of 55 compositions ready to chop flip and inspire.