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IMAX Hubble (HD-3D-Rip) - repost  

Posted by TimMa at June 23, 2011
IMAX Hubble (HD-3D-Rip) - repost

IMAX Hubble (HD-3D-Rip)
2010 | French | HD-3D-Rip | Side by Side | MKV | 1920 x 1080 | V_MPEG4 @ 11.3 Mbps | MP3 128 Kbps | Lenght: 00:43:59 | 3.79 Gb
Genre: Documentary | iMDB: 8.1/10 | Studio: Warner Bros. | Subtitles: No | RAR (9*401+276.5 Mb), 5% Rec

Imax et la Warner présenteront au mois de mars un documentaire, Hubble IMAX 3D, réalisé dans l'espace et filmé en 65 mm avec une caméra Imax 3D I Le 65 mm permet une projection numérique 8K (8160 x 4320 px). Ce documentaire a été tourné à bord du télescope Hubble en orbite à 600 km au-dessus de nos têtes qui tournent à 26 000 km/h à raison de 1 tour du monde en 100 min.

JixiPix Rip Studio Pro 1.0.3 (x86/x64)  Software

Posted by Givaraa at July 26, 2016
JixiPix Rip Studio Pro 1.0.3 (x86/x64)

JixiPix Rip Studio Pro 1.0.3 (x86/x64) | 227 MB

2 years in development, 3 years prototyping, and thousands of hours in the art department, Rip Studio redefines everything you know about a collaging app. It offers super realistic ripped and cut borders, tape, creased and folded images, and curled edges with full 3D shadowing. All with an incredible interface that seamlessly handles layers while maintaining an easy-to-use workflow. Rip Studio gives you control over every element created inside the app. Rip, tear, or cut edges by drawing around the image. Curl up the edges and wrinkle the surface by simply adjusting a slider. Behind the scene a powerful 3D light engine works to make surface wrinkles and creases look realistic; this adjustable light source will have shadows popping off the page. Finish your creative composition with a tape effect, or choose from a library of objects like stickpins, staples, rusty nails and gems. Every rip you make or tape you place is unique and one-of-a-kind!

Digital Tutors - Creating and Manipulating 3D Geometry in AutoCAD  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by groovebeat at July 10, 2014
Digital Tutors - Creating and Manipulating 3D Geometry in AutoCAD

Digital Tutors - Creating and Manipulating 3D Geometry in AutoCAD
WEB-Rip | MP4 | AVC1 @ 700 Kbit/s | 1280x720 | AAC Stereo @ 128 Kbit/s 48 KHz | 329 MB
Genre: AutoCAD, 3D | Language: English | Project Files Included

In this set of tutorials we'll explore how to create and manipulate 3D geometry using AutoCAD. We'll begin by learning how to create basic solid geometry. From there we'll take a look at a few tools that will help you manipulate your solid in order create that form or object you have in mind. Next we'll move our attention to surfaces where we'll learn how to create and edit those surfaces in order to create complex geometric forms. Finally, we'll take a look at working with meshes and how we can create free flowing forms by manipulating faces, edges and vertices. By the end of this training you should have a thorough understanding of how to create complex geometry that you wouldn't normally be able to generate when using traditional 2D drafting tools and techniques.

Basic 3D Training - 3D Light Master  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by groovebeat at July 21, 2013
Basic 3D Training - 3D Light Master

Basic 3D Training - 3D Light Master
WEB-Rip | MP4 | H.264 @ 2 Mbit/s | 1280x720 | AAC Stereo @ 192 Kbit/s 44 KHz | 4.65 GB
Genre: Lighting | Language: English

Are you a new or intermediate hobby 3D artist looking for a way to immediately get rid of that nagging feeling of not knowing what you need to do and then how to do it when it comes to 3D lighting? If you're fed up with frustrating and time consuming trial & error and random results then read on. I'll tell you exactly how you can create beautiful lighting faster, easier and with more confidence and control than ever. It's time you start feeling proud of your art and get people to ask you how you did it…

Rip Curl Bikini 2011  

Posted by denisbul at Jan. 13, 2011
Rip Curl Bikini 2011

Rip Curl Bikini 2011
English | True PDF | 20 Pages | 6,8 Mb

Dream Pinball 3D (Full Rip)  

Posted by Soullfly at Sept. 26, 2010
Dream Pinball 3D (Full Rip)

Dream Pinball 3D (Full Rip)
English | PC | 933 Mb

ASK Homework in association with eGames, nVidia and Iridion Interactive had brought to gamers a decade of pinball games. Now there is a time and desire to change streamline. But before all that happens ASK Homework is ready to bring you the ultimate pinball game, the most grandiose pinball game there ever was waving a farewell to the genre and thanking all our fans and players for chosing our titles. We would also like to address PC, XBox and Nintendo DS owners with the release of this game. We would address all aspects of a pinball game and raise it two levels higher. Well put everything in this left inside us.

Flow Science FLOW-3D 11.2  Software

Posted by scutter at Dec. 3, 2016
Flow Science FLOW-3D 11.2

Flow Science FLOW-3D 11.2 | 1.0 Gb

Flow Science announced the release of FLOW-3D version 11.2, its flagship CFD software known for robustness and accuracy in solving free-surface flow problems.

CM Launcher 3D-Theme,Wallpaper v3.28.0 (Unlocked)  Software

Posted by HDPRo at Dec. 2, 2016
CM Launcher 3D-Theme,Wallpaper v3.28.0 (Unlocked)

CM Launcher 3D-Theme,Wallpaper v3.28.0 | Android | 12.7 Mb

CM Launcher dramatically improves your device while being the most lightweight launcher in the world, even beating out APUS, GO Launcher, Nova Launcher and more.
Modeling the Environment: Techniques and Tools for the 3D Illustration of Dynamic Landscapes (Repost)

Bradley Cantrell, Natalie Yates, "Modeling the Environment: Techniques and Tools for the 3D Illustration of Dynamic Landscapes"
2012 | ISBN: 0470902949 | English | 288 pages | PDF | 19 MB

Pier Calderan, "Stampa 3D: Il manuale per hobbisti e maker" (repost)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by TimMa at Dec. 2, 2016
Pier Calderan, "Stampa 3D: Il manuale per hobbisti e maker" (repost)

Pier Calderan, "Stampa 3D: Il manuale per hobbisti e maker"
Apogeo | 2015 | ISBN: 8850333269 | Italian | EPUB/AZW3/MOBI/PDF | 366/432 pages | 26.6 MB

Le stampanti 3D disponibili oggi - veloci, semplici da usare e dai prezzi accessibili - offrono a chiunque la possibilità di creare oggetti reali a partire da progetti realizzati con software di modellazione tridimensionale. Un mondo affascinante e dalle enormi potenzialità nei settori più diversi: progettazione industriale, medicina, gioielleria e ovunque vi possa portare la vostra immaginazione. …