3D Home Architect 3.5

Home Inventory 3.5.0 Mac OS X  Software

Posted by Messer2 at Aug. 17, 2016
Home Inventory 3.5.0 Mac OS X

Home Inventory 3.5.0 | MacOSX | 13.1 MB

Keep important information about the items in your home in one place. Store make, model, serial numbers, purchase price and date, photos, receipts, warranty information (manufacturer’s, extended, etc), and much more. Use the dated notes feature to make notes about modifications and repairs. Attach files, such as digital copies of owner’s manuals.

FLOW-3D CAST Advanced 3.5.2  Software

Posted by scutter at April 14, 2013
FLOW-3D CAST Advanced 3.5.2

FLOW-3D CAST Advanced 3.5.2 | 386.4 mb
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional

Flow Science announced that it has released a new version of FLOW-3D Cast, its simulation software developed especially for foundrymen, tool makers, and casting designers.

3D Home Architect Design Deluxe 8  Software

Posted by bionic at May 16, 2008
3D Home Architect Design Deluxe 8

3D Home Architect Design Deluxe 8 | 643 MB

3D Home Architect Design Deluxe 8 lets you create the perfect home. Packed with powerful design capabilities and extensive reference resources, it’s everything you need to bring your home design goals within reach. Experiment with structures - Incorporate decks and patios, plus decorative and functional objects for every room in the house, plus the garden. Create structurally sound, fully framed deck plans with the new deck too Advanced terrain modeling tools create natural slopes and grades Take advantage of 3DTrueView photo realistic rendering technology to view your plans onscreen in vivid, lifelike detail Browse the catalog to incorporate gazebos, fountains, furniture, pools, even tennis courts, and more into your landscape plan

FLOW-3D CAST 3.5.1 Advanced  Software

Posted by scutter at Nov. 29, 2012
FLOW-3D CAST 3.5.1 Advanced

FLOW-3D CAST 3.5.1 Advanced | 458.1 mb

FLOW-3D Cast is a special version of FLOW-3D designed specifically for casting process simulation. It combines an easy-to-use interface with the powerful solver capabilities of FLOW-3D.

Turbofloorplan Home And Interior V12.0  Software

Posted by klol101 at June 15, 2008
Turbofloorplan Home And Interior V12.0

Turbofloorplan Home And Interior V12.0
Win App | 177 MB | RS.COM

Mask My IP  Software

Posted by big1ne at March 21, 2013
Mask My IP

Mask My IP | 5.2 MB

When you connect to a network, your computer has a unique identification IP-address as your home address, alerting everyone who you are and where you are. When you visit online stores, or send an e-mail, your IP address associated with this activity, and it identifies you personally. Hackers who steal personal data can get into your computer, monitor your activities, to steal your personal information. Mask My IP program will help to solve this problem.

Flow Architect Studio 3D v1.3.5 Portable  Software

Posted by yuriandrea at Aug. 27, 2010
Flow Architect Studio 3D v1.3.5 Portable

Flow Architect Studio 3D v1.3.5 Portable | 37 MB

PIXELPLAN Flow Architect Studio 3D is a software package that enables a simple and easy way to create interactive 3D visualization - virtual walks. Created visualizations are like a computer program, located in one file and are suitable for further distribution and publication on the website.

Chief Architect 9.5 Residential Design Software  Software

Posted by freeloader at March 23, 2006
Chief Architect 9.5  Residential Design Software

Chief Architect 9.5 Makes 3-D CAD Easy

Powerful Home Design Software
for Building Professionals

• Create custom plans and Blueprints with a complete Materials List
• Add details to your designs with a complete CAD Software tool set
• Create designs for clients to visualize as a 3D model in minutes
• Produce dramatic, photo-realistic 3D Renderings
• Create a Virtual Walk-Thru to share with Clients
• Design in 3D with drag & drop Architectural Software Objects
• Choose from a Library of more than 18,500 items for your designs

Artifact Interactive Garden Planner 3.5.21  Software

Posted by big1ne at Aug. 18, 2017
Artifact Interactive Garden Planner 3.5.21

Artifact Interactive Garden Planner 3.5.21 | 17.5 MB

Design your dream garden with this very easy to use program. Arrange plants, trees, buildings and objects using an easy to use 'drag and drop' interface. Use tools to quickly create paving, paths and fences. Then produce a high quality color print out of your design.

Platinum Hide IP  Software

Posted by melt_ at Aug. 15, 2017
Platinum Hide IP

Platinum Hide IP | 2.4 Mb

Use Platinum Hide IP to keep your real IP address hidden, surf anonymously, secure all the protocols on your PC, provide full encryption of your activity while working in Internet, and much more.