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13 Assassins (2010)  Video

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13 Assassins (2010)

13 Assassins (2010)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280×534 | AVC@1975 Kbps | English AC-3@448 Kbps | 6 channels | Subs: English | 02:05:09 | 2.11 GB
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama

A group of assassins come together for a suicide mission to kill an evil lord.

13 Assassins (2010)  Video

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13 Assassins (2010)

13 Assassins (2010)
I 13 Assassini
BluRayrip 720p | x264 MKV | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 1280x528 | 5224 Kbps | 23.976 fps | 16:9 | 02:00:02 | 7.2 GB
Audio: English DTS @ 1510 Kbps; Italian Dolby Digital Audio 5.1 @ 640 Kbps | Subtitle: English
Genre: Action | 6 Wins, 12 Nominations

In 1840s Japan, the era of the samurai is waning. The sadistic young Lord Matsudaira Naritsugu rapes and kills at will. No one can touch him because he is the former Shogun's son and current Shogun's younger brother and thus above the law. Doi Toshitsura, a senior government official, realizes the situation will become more dangerous after…

13 Assassins (2010)  Video

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13 Assassins (2010)

13 Assassins (2010)
A Film by Takashi Miike
DVD9 (VIDEO_TS) | NTSC 16:9 (720x480) | 02:05:02 | 7,69 Gb
Audio: English AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps; Japanese AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English, Spanish
Genre: Action, Adventure | 5 wins & 11 nominations | Japan, UK

Set in 1844 Japan, and based on a 1963 film of the same name, “13 Assassins” stars Koji Yakusho (“Tokyo Sonata,” “Babel”), and brings together the cream of Japan’s acting talent. Yakusho plays a brave samurai who assembles an elite team of thirteen killers to assassinate the brother of the Shogun, a sadistic and well protected young lord who’s above the law, raping and killing innocents with impunity. The film culminates in a mind-blowing, forty-five minute battle sequence that rivals anything seen before in the genre.

Bodyguards And Assassins (2009)  Video

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Bodyguards And Assassins (2009)

Bodyguards And Assassins/ a.k.a Shi Yue Cheng (2009)
720p BRRip by SiNGH | MKV | 1280x544 | 24,000fps x264 2760kbps | AC3 6CH 384kbps
Language: Mandarin | Subtitle: English | Runtime: 139min | Size: 3.03GB
Genre: Action | Drama | History

Director: Teddy Chan
In 1905, Sun Yat-sen (called "Sun Wen" in the film) intends to come to Hong Kong (then a colony of the British Empire) to discuss his plans for revolution with fellow Tongmenghui members to overthrow the corrupt and crumbling Qing Dynasty. Empress Dowager Cixi sends a group of assassins led by Yan Xiaoguo to kill Sun. Revolutionary Chen Shaobai arrives in Hong Kong a few days before Sun's arrival, to meet Li Yutang, a businessman who provides financial aid for the revolutionaries. As Sun Wen's arrival day draws near, trouble begins brewing in Hong Kong as Chen Shaobai's acquaintances are murdered and Chen himself is kidnapped by the assassins during a raid.

Global Hypnosis eSummit March 13-15 (2009)  eBooks & eLearning

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Global Hypnosis eSummit March 13-15 (2009)

Global Hypnosis eSummit March 13-15 (2009)
WEBRip | English | FLV + PDF Guides | 320 x 240 | Sorenson Spark ~940 kbps | 25 fps
MP3 | 128 Kbps | 22.05 KHz | 2 channel | 78:22:33 | 11.95 GB
Genre: eLearning Video / Self Improvement

Presented March 13 – 15, 2009, the HypnoSummit (previously known as the Global Hypnosis eSummit) was the first global online hypnosis training event for professional hypnotherapists, stage hypnotists, and EFT and NLP practitioners and clients. Well over 300 attendees from approximately 20 countries visited the HypnoSummit’s virtual convention center to learn more about using hypnosis, NLP and EFT techniques safely and effectively. HypnoSummit visitors also learned how to profitably operate a private hypnotherapy, NLP or EFT practice.
Star Wars Omnibus Vol. 09 - Emissaries & Assassins (2009, 2015 Marvel Edition)

Star Wars Omnibus Vol. 09 - Emissaries & Assassins (2009, 2015 Marvel Edition)
English | CBR | 479 pages | 856.09 MB

Collects Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace #0.5, Star Wars: Episode I: Anakin Skywalker #1, Star Wars: Episode I: Queen Amidala #1, Star Wars: Episode I: Qui-Gon Jinn #1, Star Wars: Episode I: Obi-Wan Kenobi #1, Star Wars: Republic (1998) #7-18, Star Wars: Jango Fett - Open Seasons #1-4. It is the beginning of the end of the Galactic Republic. The Jedi just don't know it yet…Across the galaxy, tensions rise and wars threaten as the unseen Sith set in motion their plans for conquest. From the seats of power on Coruscant to the desert wastes of far-off Tatooine, from the podracing tracks of Malastare to the winter forests of Galidraan, the Jedi are drawn into conflict after conflict - each one thinning their numbers and draining their strength.These are the battle which lead up to the Clone Wars. On one side the heroics of Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and other greats of the Jedi Order, and on the other the villainy of Count Dooku and the bounty hunters turned Jedi killers Aurra Sing and the notorious Jango Fett.

Woodturning Workshop with Tim Yoder Season 4 - 13 Episodes (2009)  eBooks & eLearning

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Woodturning Workshop with Tim Yoder Season 4 - 13 Episodes (2009)

Woodturning Workshop with Tim Yoder Season 4 - 13 Episodes (2009)
DVDRip | AVI | 512 x 288 | XVID ~ 1428 Kbps | 29.97 fps | MP3 ~ 128 kbps | 13x26 min. | 3.27 Gb
Genre: E-Learning, Woodworking | Language: English

13 Assassins (2010)  Video

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13 Assassins (2010)

Jûsan-nin no shikaku – 13 Assassins (2010)
BRRip 480p - TinyBearDs | MKV | 848 x 354 | x264 600kbps 23.976fps | HE-AACv2 64kbps 2CH
Language: Japanese | Subtitle: English Included | 2h 5mn | 595.56MB | 3% Recovery
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | 16 wins & 23 nominations.
IMDb Rating: 7.6/10 (43,243 users)

In 1844, the peace of Feudal Japan is threatened by cruel Lord Naritsugu Matsudaira, who is politically rising and getting closer to his half-brother, the shogun. After the harakiri of the Namiya clan leader, samurai Shinzaemon Shimada is summoned by the shogun's advisor Sir Doi of the Akash Clan to listen to the tragedy of Makino Uneme, whose son and daughter-in-law have been murdered by Naritsugu. Then Sir Doi shows a woman with arms, legs and tongue severed by Naritsugu and she writes with her forearm a request to Shinza to slaughter Naritsugu and his samurais. Shinza promises to kill Naritsugu and he gathers eleven other samurais and plots a plan to attack Naritsugu in his trip back to the Akash land. But the cunning samurai Hanbei Kitou that is responsible for the security of his master foresees Shinza's intent. Shinza decides to go with his samurais through the mountain, where they find the hunter Koyata that guides them off the mountain and joins the group. Now the thirteen men…

Final Color - Wakana Matsumoto (13.05.2009)  Graphics

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Final Color - Wakana Matsumoto (13.05.2009)

Final Color - Wakana Matsumoto (13.05.2009)
79 JPG | 7390 x 3317 | 113.49 MB

Wakana Matsumoto (Matsumoto Wakana, born February 25, 1984, in Tottori, Japan; Measurement : 163cm , 80-59-88) is a Japanese Actress and Gravure Idol.

Hello kitty party No. 13 (13/06/2009)  Magazines

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Hello kitty party No. 13 (13/06/2009)

Hello kitty party No. 13 - giugno 2009
PDF | 14 pages | Italian | 4.91 MB