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Oasys Suite 11.1  Software

Posted by scutter at Oct. 27, 2013
Oasys Suite 11.1

Oasys Suite 11.1 | 1.5 Gb

This is the latest full release of the Oasys Suite (PRIMER, D3PLOT, T/HIS, REPORTER & SHELL). 11.1 is primarily a bug fix release of 11.0. There are a small number of minor enhancements, which are detailed in the release notes.

MSC Nastran 2013.0  Software

Posted by scutter at July 22, 2013
MSC Nastran 2013.0

MSC Nastran 2013.0 | 2.4 Gb

MSC Software Corporation, the leader in multidiscipline simulation solutions that accelerate product innovation, announced the new release of MSC Nastran 2013. The new features of MSC Nastran 2013 deliver customization and broader solution capabilities that generate significant time savings in automotive and aerospace simulation workflows.

Oasys (32bit) 11.0 Suite  Software

Posted by scutter at April 26, 2013
Oasys (32bit) 11.0 Suite

Oasys (32bit) 11.0 Suite | 194.4 mb

Oasys 11.0 is the latest version of our Oasys Software Suite for pre- and post- processing of LS-DYNA models. Following the success of Oasys Suite version 10.2 this new version provides the user with a variety of new tools to help reduce the amount of time spent pre- and post- processing a model.

ANSYS Maxwell (64bit) 16.02  Software

Posted by scutter at March 30, 2013
ANSYS Maxwell (64bit) 16.02

ANSYS Maxwell (64bit) 16.02 | 877.6 mb

ANSYS Maxwell 16 is the premier electromagnetic field simulation software for engineers tasked with designing and analyzing 3-D and 2-D electromagnetic and electromechanical devices such as motors, actuators, transformers, sensors and coils.

Oasys Suite (32bit) 10.2  Software

Posted by scutter at Dec. 10, 2012
Oasys Suite (32bit) 10.2

Oasys Suite (32bit) 10.2 | 155.6 mb

The Oasys Suite of software, exclusively written for LS-DYNA, is at the leading edge of the pre- and post-processing markets and is used worldwide by many of the largest LS-DYNA customers.

Dynaform (32bit) 5.8.1  Software

Posted by scutter at Sept. 3, 2012
Dynaform (32bit) 5.8.1

Dynaform (32bit) 5.8.1 | 326.5 mb

eta/DYNAFORM is an LS-DYNA-based sheet metal forming simulation solution package developed by Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. The specialty CAE software combines the sheet forming analysis power of LS-DYNA Versions 971 with the streamlined pre- and post-processor functions.

FTI v5.2-5.4 Suite for CATIA V5 R18-R28  Software

Posted by scutter at June 20, 2018
FTI v5.2-5.4 Suite for CATIA V5 R18-R28

FTI v5.2-5.4 Suite for CATIA V5 R18-R28 | 428.6 mb

Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI) developer of solutions for design, simulation, planning and costing of sheet metal components, has presented 5.2-5.4 versions of FTI CATIA V5-Based software.

FTI FormingSuite 2018.1.0.19427.3  Software

Posted by scutter at June 13, 2018
FTI FormingSuite 2018.1.0.19427.3

FTI FormingSuite 2018.1.0.19427.3 | 339.7 mb

Forming Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of FormingSuite 2018.1. Aimed at all sheet metal forming and costing engineers, designers, and estimators in the Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Product and Electronics industries, the main objective of FormingSuite is to introduce new leading edge technologies to stamping simulation and to provide continuous improvement and simplification to all users in a unified collaborative environment.

Veryst Engineering PolyUMod 5.0.0  Software

Posted by scutter at April 21, 2018
Veryst Engineering PolyUMod 5.0.0

Veryst Engineering PolyUMod 5.0.0 | 446.0 mb

Veryst Engineering has released 5.0 version of PolyUMod is a library of advanced (and accurate) user-material models for finite element modeling of polymers, biomaterials, and other non-linear materials.

Intelligent Light FieldView 17.0  Software

Posted by scutter at March 10, 2018
Intelligent Light FieldView 17.0

Intelligent Light FieldView 17.0 | 1.8 Gb

In support of engineers and managers whose judgment is essential to high-quality, innovative products, Intelligent Light released FieldView 17. This release introduces a new data analysis framework and delivers speed and usability enhancements to benefit all users.